Soda ash is white, anhydrous chemical material. Also known as sodium carbonate (Na2CO3). It is an important raw material used in glass, cleaning and chemical industries. Soda ash have two different grades of soda ash; ‘light’ and ‘dense’. These are identical in terms of chemical composition. Light soda is mainly used for production of other chemicals, and dense soda is used for glass production. There are two types of processes; synthetic process and natural process.


Soda Ash is used in the production of cleaning products due to it’s high alkalinity and surfactant quality. Also it is replacing phosphates in the production.


Glass manufacture
Soda ash is one of the key component in the manufacture of glass,it reduces silica’s melting point.
Other Chemicals Applications
Soda ash is used for water treatment and soil preparation. It also used for production of glue and paper.
Soda as is used for recycling of alumina and zinc. It also helps to clarify phospahates from non-ferrous and ferrous ores.